Firm Claims 1 TB+ Over Copper

Arthur Cole

A company out of Santa Clara, Calif., is claiming that its new analog signal integrity IC can deliver up to 1.28 Tbps over copper cabling from a single 1.75-inch rack unit.


Quellan Inc. says that its QLx411G high-density QSFP connector is capable of densities up to 32 ports running at 40 Gbps. The company demonstrated the system at the recent DesignCon Convention in which it delivered Infiniband signals at 40 Gbps Quad Data Rate (QDR) using a combination of advanced signal distortion and noise reduction technology.


Using thinner gauge cable offers power consumption and air flow benefits, but traditionally at a cost of lower signal performance and higher latency. A high-speed copper interconnect also reduces the need for more expensive optical systems to meet growing data demands.


Quellan intends to offer the device as part of its Quad Lane Extender line that consists primarily of 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps connectors. In addition to Infiniband, the 411G supports Ethernet, PCIe, SAS and Fibre Channel protocols.


Look for production volumes by the third quarter.

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