Enterprise Still Wary of Vista

Arthur Cole

New research from Forrester seems to put a damper on the Vista rollout, says this IT Pro piece, despite assurances from Microsoft that everything is going swimmingly.


Among the issues that enterprises are still grappling with are hardware and application compatibility issues, plus a general unwillingness to alter normal PC refresh schedules for an operating system that is largely unproven in the field and doesn't offer a real compelling reason for change.


As a general rule, many large enterprise managers hold off on upgrading operating systems until at least the first service pack. The preview of Vista SP1 is in the hands of betas now, with the final version expected early next year. Even many of those looking to launch Vista before the final service pack is available are waiting at least until the release of System Center Configuration Manager 2007, which should improve deployment operations some -- but it looks like that software won't be out until the fall.


Still, there's little reason to expect enterprise users to hold out indefinitely. Microsoft is extending support for Windows 2000 for only another year and a half, while XP support is due to fade away by 2014.

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Aug 24, 2007 1:35 AM Megamanx Megamanx  says:
It took me a while to warm up to XP as I couldn't get it to run stabily until SP1 due to having my disk in RAID. Even at work I wasn't too keen on XP without SP1 and I didn't really trust W2k untill SP3 & SP4. I actually had more stability in ME which is why I dual booted XP and ME for a while. Now we have a new windows operating system but this time you do have the choice to use Linux. I think most people will just stick with XP for now, heck we are gonna order some dell desktops with XP. Still you can't stay with XP forever so it will be interesting to see more people evaluate alternatives to Vista. Reply

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