Data, Data Everywhere...

Arthur Cole

It's a given that enterprise data loads are increasing at a tremendous pace, but exactly how bad has the problem become?

Bad enough to give CIOs the shudders, apparently. According to the latest Gartner report, the typical enterprise should expect to see growth rates of between 40 and 60 percent a year going forward, with every indication that the pace will accelerate as cloud and mobile technologies gain more prominence.

Fortunately, recognition of this problem is growing. An earlier Gartner study estimated that nearly half of IT executives rate data growth among the top three challenges facing the enterprise. It's no surprise, then, that increased storage scalability and data archiving solutions are among the top priorities heading into the new year.

But it's not simply the overwhelming amount of data that is proving to be the toughest challenge. There is also the fact that disparate data types from multiple sources are extremely difficult to integrate into a cohesive whole. This leaves the possibility that crucial information may go unnoticed because the data tying it all together are spread across various Web, cloud and mobile apps.

Integrating this data is the key goal behind new management systems like Kapow Software's Katalyst 8.0 stack. It features the patented Kapow Extraction Browser that can pull data from multiple applications without having to negotiate source APIs. This eliminates the manual coding process that plagues most integration efforts, increasing data accuracy and dramatically cutting both time and costs.

Increasing data loads will be a fact of life for the foreseeable future, but with the benefit of foresight, there is no reason to think the problem can't be managed. Certainly the data will need to be processed and stored, but its real value can only be derived from cutting-edge management and analysis.

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