Chelsio Boost iSCSI Acceleration

Arthur Cole

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's blog on innovative new features for iSCSI SANs. Chelsio Communications has added 10 GbE iSCSI Initator capability to its S310/320 storage accelerators, allowing enterprises to set up a 10G SAN with simultaneous storage, data and cluster networking.


The company says its approach significantly reduces interrupts, CPU utilization, memory bus utilization and host buss access by offloading them onto the S310/320 adapter. Full routing is supported through 1500-byte Ethernet frames.


The system also ensure data integrity over a Layer 3 TCP network by supporting hardware-based ISCSI digest implementation. This delivers more than twice the throughput of a software initiator on a Layer 2 implementation.


Chelsio also announced a new gateway, the 10G iSCSI-FC Gateway that bridges IP servers to shared Fibre Channel storage networks.

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