Are Your Architectural Plans in Jeopardy?

Arthur Cole

Some interesting numbers from Gartner's UK office regarding the future of enterprise architecture: The firm predicts that within three years, upwards of 40 percent of the initiatives currently under way will be scrapped due to poor execution.


Most at risk are programs that are viewed as strictly engineering projects, such as integrated ERP and CRM systems, rather than an ongoing process designed to adapt to changing business conditions.


Gartner says that for an architectural change to be truly embedded within an enterprise, it needs three things: support for change across programs, business units and even companies; a focus on serving workers internally and externally, rather than simply installing new hardware and software; and an effective set of metrics designed to gauge financial efficiency and business effectiveness.


The way to do it right is to canvas all the stakeholders in the enterprise -- users, management, investors -- to determine the best way to ensure architectural changes improve the bottom line.


Gartner will no doubt expand on its philosophy at its Enterprise Architecture Summit in London September 26 and 27.

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Sep 23, 2007 3:40 AM Aldo Pomponi Aldo Pomponi  says:
i think times are mature to understand that collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholder is "The Thing". Enterprise architecture is the extended platform that enable collaboration, ERP and CRM are just a way to package existing capabilities from vendors. If you ask company what they need they do not tell you I need Enterprise Architecture or ERP or CRM they all say we need to improve collaboration and availability of timely and reliable information to decision makers. So it is probably the time to start reconsidering Julius Caesar "Divide and Conquer" - We need to find new chunks if we the technology to stay and people to be understanding why all that burden should be there !Aldo PomponiAPConsultingStrategic Advisor to SME Europe+39 340 468 Reply

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