3Leaf Boosts I/O Capabilities

Arthur Cole

The problem of physical I/O bottlenecks coming on the heels of server and storage virtualization projects is growing so acute that virtual I/O solutions are becoming almost a requirement on all new systems.


3Leaf Systems is looking to speed things up by folding the Emulex 4 Gbps LightPulse HBA into the V-8000 virtual I/O server, which only launched in May. The LightPulse brings in virtual Fibre Channel I/O capability, basically offering multiple logical FC initiators to share a single physical port. It also works with 3Leaf's multi-pathing software to uncover redundant storage paths to improve load balancing.


This is the second big win for Emulex this week. The LightPulse has also been accepted into the Linux 2.6.23 kernel, which makes it a standard component for distribution. The move should help the company's development of the Virtual Fabric SAN consolidation effort, among other initiatives.


The need for enhanced I/O capabilities is still further evidence that the enterprise is a dynamic environment, in which changes to one system invariably lead to changes in others.

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