Talk about Not Getting the Cloud Computing Concept

Dennis Byron

Talk about not getting the concept. And how un-green can you get?

Some organization is running an event called the Cloud Computing Expo in New York in April. As you would expect, registrants -- including journalists and analysts -- can sign up through the cloud.

But that's the end of it. It doesn't appear that the Cloud Computing event can be attended via the cloud.

And when a journalist arrives at the Cloud event, the organization says:

All Preregistered Press and Onsite Press Registrants will be required to present:
  • a copy of your business card with name, editorial title and media's logo,
  • a copy of a current masthead which includes your name and editorial title.
Please present a printed copy of your online publication with your name and title visible.

So, in other words, for everyone that wants to know about the wonderful new virtual world that is dawning, which will reduce costs and save the planet by reducing the need to travel and to produce reams of paper, come talk to some guys that still use business cards.


Oh, and bring a "printed copy" of your online publication. Think about that sentence.

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Jan 21, 2009 10:42 AM francis Carden francis Carden  says:
That is funny. Here the point of the cloud is totally missed and you are pointing to just one of so many anomalies.I remember when the cloud was the WAN. Am I alone on that?For 2009, I think we need some new acronyms. How about;RAIN - Rapid Application Integration Needed (we need RAIN)HAIL - Heard About Integration Lately? - (Listen up, it's coming).SUN - "SOA" Under-Neath - (When the SUN is behind the cloud, it's still shining on the cloud.)SLEET - Successful Legacy Encapsulation Equals Tenacity - (Hopefully speaks for itself)SNOW - Software Needs Only Water - (A little sprinkling of "Integration" Water and your existing software will flourish)Just some fun thoughts for the day! Reply

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