Mea Culpa: 2009 Enterprise Software Clarifications and Corrections

Dennis Byron

As the year 2009 (and the decade if you are not a purist) wraps up, it's worth one post to clarify some comments I made during the year that caused confusion among or possibly misled readers:


"The blogosphere was overloaded with opinions and comments early in 2009-and it lasted the whole year-about how you IT folks were being abused by enterprise software suppliers in terms of high maintenance costs, poor quality and functionality, and so forth. The jist of many complaints was that enterprise software salespeople were trying to sell you something you didn't need. I am sorry but do you spend any time in the real world? Everyone is trying to sell you something you don't need."
"You can have any kind of software functionality based on an SOA (or not), delivered SaaS (or not), under open source terms and conditions (or not), running on a cloud (or not)."

There, does that help?


  • In August I said the open source concept had been around from 50 years. I was referring to code shared among COMMON, DECUS, SHARE and similar user groups. I admit it wasn't too open by today's definition, but that was a platform issue, not a software developers' issue. The software was developed, distributed and even licensed to some extent the same way as today's opens source terms and conditions.


I am sure I was unclear or outright wrong about a lot of other stuff this year (decade). Sorry about that.

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