Will Obama Administration Resemble Cathedral or Bazaar?

Lora Bentley

Thursday, CNET News blogger Matt Asay pointed to a fascinating observation made by Republican political consultant Alex Castellanos during CNN's election coverage. Castellanos, who most recently worked on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, apparently compared President-elect Obama's bottom-up leadership approach to the open source movement, and the standard operating procedure in Washington to the old-school Microsoft way of doing business.


Asay quoted Castellanos, in part, as follows:

The open-source movement in computer engineering is where people get together from all over the world and build computer software bottom-up. Is Barack Obama going to be the old top-down industrial-age cathedral leader, or is he going to be the fellow we heard tonight, this new generation of leadership that is very bottom-up for the communications age?

The "groundswell approach" Obama used in his campaign was very open source, Asay said. But the question remains whether that approach will remain consistent throughout his administration.

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Nov 11, 2008 6:27 AM allan allan  says:
Personally I find grassroot = open source to be a bit of a weak analogy. Or even to say open source development and governance models are bottoms up? Perhpas Agile or Spiral might be a bottoms up kind of development, but even that might be streching it. I dont know, I find the analogies streched to far Reply

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