Will Apple Contest Fujitsu's Right to 'iPad'?

Lora Bentley

With all the hoopla about the iPad tablet Apple introduced Wednesday, and then all the fuss about the functionality it's missing, it seems one detail slipped through the cracks: The name "iPad" is not exactly a unique one. What's more, Japanese electronics manufacturer Fujitsu claims to own it.


The Register reports:

'It's our understanding that the name is ours,' Fujitsu's PR director Masahiro Yamane [said]. ... And Fujitsu isn't the only iPad maker out there. Magtek also manufactures its own iPad encrypted credit-card swiper, Seimens uses the name iPad in conjunction with its engines and motors, and a Canadian company even offers a breast-enhancing iPad bra.

Fujitsu apparently abandoned its first attempt to trademark the name in 2007 after Magtek introduced its iPad, but the application was renewed in June. For its part, Apple applied for an international trademark on the name in July and has several times asked for extension of time to contest Fujitsu's applicaton. The company has until the end of February to decide whether it will formally contest.


If Apple does so, this case will be one of several it is fighting on the intellectual property front.

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Feb 4, 2011 2:47 AM Gary Davis Gary Davis  says:

One of the first things to do when naming a product is to do a broad search to see if similar-industry product/service uses the same name. It's hard to believe Apple did not know about the Fujitsu products when the dubbed their tablet iPad. Or if they did know, why would they forge ahead? Arrogance? It seems to me that Apple deserves to NOT have exclusive use of the term iPad... that is they get no registered trademark. They'll still be able to use the iPad name, but so too will others. Were I Apple, I would be scrambling to trademark "Apple iPad" and let that be the (R) they get.


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