Widenius to Oracle: Sell MySQL

Lora Bentley

Given the scrutiny the European Commission is giving Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems due to the potential antitrust issues that exist, many are calling for Oracle to simply divest the MySQL open source database . That way the antitrust concerns would disappear.


Among those calling for Larry Ellison to sell MySQL are Free Software Foundation's Richard Stallman and MySQL co-founder Marty Widenius. CNET News' Lance Whitney says:

Widenius asked Oracle "to be constructive and commit to sell MySQL to a suitable third party, enabling an instant solution instead of letting Sun suffer much longer." The famed MySQL developer, who departed Sun earlier this year, said that he wishes Sun "all the best, but MySQL needs a different home than Oracle..."


On the other hand, former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos is all for the Oracle acquisition. Whitney says Mickos has encouraged the EU to sign off on the deal because the delay is hurting the very market the commission is seeking to protect.


For his part, Ellison has said he has no interest in selling off the open source database. And, frankly, I doubt Stallman or Widenius will convince him otherwise.

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Oct 23, 2009 1:45 AM putergeek007 putergeek007  says:

If Widenius thinks Oracle should sell mySQL so badly, why doesn't he take the $1 billion dollars that Sun overpaid for it and buy it back?


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