When Was Your Last Software Audit?

Lora Bentley

Last week, I wrote about a small private company taking on the Chinese government in a software piracy case. Late last year, Plurk caught Microsoft China lifting code from its microblogging site, and Microsoft had to eat crow.


Those stories were news because they involve big government and big corporate America using software that they hadn't paid for. So what about your company? Have you paid for every single instance of every single operating system and application you use to do business? Can you even answer that question with certainty? If not, you should check out the newest guest opinion at IT Business Edge.


In "Software License Audits: What Does It Mean to Be Non-Compliant?" V.i. Laboratories VP Victor DeMarines explains why conducting your own software audits, or remaining aware of the software you use and have licenses for, is important. For instance, a company that uses unauthorized software risks the following, just to name a few:

  • Bad publicity after an insider reports the unauthorized software to the Business Software Alliance or Software and Information Industry Association.
  • Financial liability to software vendors for misuse or overuse of software licenses.
  • The financial and emotional strain of litigation.


To help keep tabs on the software being used within your organization, DeMarines suggests three things:

  • Educate employees about piracy.
  • Implement Web-filtering-type firewalls to prevent unauthorized software from entering the network.
  • Conduct a software license audit at least once a year.

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