Want to Wake up a Boring Financial Report? Try YouTube

Lora Bentley

It's a given that Google-owned YouTube is all the rage among consumers, but the copyright, privacy and security concerns it presents -- not to mention the drain on employee productivity -- has made many a corporate exec wary of the video-sharing site.


So I did a double-take when I saw this CFO.com piece, which reports that some high-profile public companies are opting to use video to give their shareholder communications a little more pizazz.


The the move makes sense, though -- especially considering the majority of shareholders will soon be those who grew up reading their news on the Web, texting rather than passing notes in class, and sending e-mail rather than buying postage stamps. CFO.com quotes one observer this way:

In five years, a printed annual report will be a collector's item.

Add the fact that accounting firms are pressing the SEC to move to electronic financial reporting, and you have an even stronger case that the trend will only grow.

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