VMware Another OS Vendor? Not Exactly

Lora Bentley

Not long ago, VMware's CTO made a prediction that virtualization would be the death of the OS. He noted that the real competition will be for the hypervisor space.


Speaking to InformationWeek about Citrix's acquisition of VMware competitor XenSource, the company behind the Xen open source hypervisor, Citrix VP Wes Wasson says his company plans to maintain "a great relationship with Microsoft."


He says:

We work with Microsoft on things that are years in advance. Microsoft is tremendously willing to do that when you're not pretending that things that should go into the operating system [such as the virtualization hypervisor] are not available to them and will be supplied somewhere else. VMware is thinking of itself as an operating system vendor and Microsoft competitor. They want to compete with the Windows operating system.

Of course VMware wants to compete with Microsoft. But I don't think it's the OS space VMware is focusing on. Mendel Rosenblum's prediction made clear it's the hypervisor space that's at issue. And Microsoft's existing deals with Novell and XenSource (which focus on virtualization) demonstrate that Microsoft wants to be competitive in that space, too.

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Aug 24, 2007 7:56 AM Lora Bentley Lora Bentley  says:
You're right. I meant to say CTO, not CEO. We'll fix that. Thanks for the heads up. Reply
Aug 24, 2007 12:38 PM Me Me  says:
VMware's CEO is a woman, Diane Greene. You don't do much for your credibility by calling her "he" -- or are you referring to their CTO, Mendel Rosenblum (who is not their CEO)? Ten seconds of fact-checking -- like reading the article you cite -- would do wonders. Reply

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