Verizon's Net Neutrality Appeal Dismissed on Technicality

Lora Bentley
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Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed the case in which Verizon and other broadband providers challenged the Federal Communications Commission's authority to implement net neutrality rules.


Verizon and the others argued that, if implemented, the rules would "impermissibly" change the terms of their wireless spectrum licenses, reports. But the court did not even reach the merits of the case . Instead, the court found that Verizon and others did not have standing to appeal yet because the rules have not yet been published in the the Federal Register.


The decision gives the broadband providers leave to refile the appeal after the rules are published, and that's exactly what Verizon plans to do, according to spokesperson Ed McFadden. The company filed the appeal immediately after the rules were approved because the FCC's procedural rules regarding appeals weren't exactly clear. "We wanted to make sure we preserved and protected our rights," he said.


The net neutrality rules, set out in the FCC's Open Internet Order, basically do three things, reports.

  • Internet service providers must disclose their network management practices to their customers.
  • Internet service providers must not block lawful content from their customers.
  • Internet service providers must not unreasonably discriminate between different types of content in the name of network management.

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Apr 5, 2011 5:32 AM julie julie  says:

I don't understand why verizon is doing this, they are spying on people who use internet, listen in on phone calls anyway, they want to legalize this. it is a horrible company to get service or have anything to do with, they are the law anyway they just pick up listen in on your phone calls, who needs  court

Apr 6, 2011 10:32 AM Android Phone Android Phone  says:

I don't think that verizon is the only one! It's well known that our phone calls are being listened!


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