Uptake of GPL v3 Very Slow

Lora Bentley

GPL v3 has been effective for more than a week now, and as of yesterday only 135 open source projects have made the move from GPL v2 to GPL v3. News.com Blogger Matt Asay says the uptake is slow not because the license is a bad one, but because it doesn't go far enough on the issues that matter to those in the business of open source.


Nonetheless, Asay says, adoption of the license should increase as more companies understand it better. The fact that the license allows attribution will be attractive to many, he surmises.


Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds, however, will have nothing to do with the new license, according to this piece from InformationWeek.


Torvalds goes as far as to call those who wrote the license "hypocrites" and "malicious," the story says. He primarily objects to provisions in the license that forbid commercial open source users to prevent their customers from making modifications to the software. It's this position on "tivoization" that will keep Torvalds and other contributors from moving the Linux kernel to GPL v3.

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Jul 11, 2007 11:18 AM anonymous anonymous  says:
He says "not because the license is a bad one"? Well, that settles it then. Or, just maybe, the license IS a bad one. Reply
Jul 12, 2007 12:16 PM Roy Schestowitz Roy Schestowitz  says:
Elsewhere, Matt Asay's argument was smashed to pieces. GPLv3 uptake us fantasic, with at least 5000 projects intending to upgrade. Just because Matt Asay does not like GPLv3 himself does not mean that he should post this to C|Net as though it's factual.With all due respect to Matt, whom I respect.Your headline is simply inaccurate because it's very selective when it comes to its sources. Reply

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