Survey Says IT Managers Approve of Open Source

Lora Bentley

A recent survey from Barracuda Networks revealed that IT security pros deploy open source software as much as or more than they deploy commercial offerings. Fifty-three percent of survey respondents said they would opt for open source software, as opposed to the 47 percent who said they would prefer proprietary software for the same functionality, according to


The story says 80 percent of respondents named pricing as the primary motivator for choosing open source, with access to source code taking the second spot at 57 percent. "Professional services" and "ease of adoption" topped the list of commercial software advantage, with 65 percent and 47 percent, respectively.


In other open source security news, Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds is mad -- no, wait. He's angry, and he thinks security programmers who don't want to add the Smack application to the Linux kernel are mad.


The programmers in question would rather use Security-Enhanced Linux in the kernel instead of Smack's Linux Security Modules, according to another pice. But Torvalds won't hear of it. The story quotes a Torvalds message post as follows:

You security people are insane. I am tired of this "only my version is correct" crap. The whole and only point of LSM was to get away from that. And anybody who claims that there is "consensus" on Security-Enhanced Linux is just in denial.

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