Some Say Leopard Security Is Sloppy

Lora Bentley

Security experts say Mac OS X Leopard leaves much to be desired, according to Though the operating system's new security features may "look good on paper," the story says, they don't add anything to the safety of a Mac user's Web surfing experience.


Former Gartner analyst Rich Mogull concedes Leopard's security measures are a big step forward for OS X but, he says:

Apple didn't finish the job. There's a lot of room for improvement here.

A few of the things on his "sloppy" or "too easily breakable" list include the memory randomization feature and the firewall (it defaults to disabled and it's confusing).


Not that the OS doesn't have its high points. The restrictions on input managers are "huge," Mogull says:

It shows that Apple is willing to reduce functionality to increase security. It's never done that before. Great, great move.

What's the best security feature in the new OS, according to Mogull?

The most material to security is Time Machine. IT security always talks about confidentiality, integrity and availability [of data]. Time Machine really makes backup, the availability part of that, accessible to any user, even my mom.

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