Situation in China Looking Worse for Google

Lora Bentley
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Will Google Take a Stand in China?


In an effort to retain its Internet content provider's license in China, Google this week dusted off and stopped automatically redirecting users from mainland China to the site, where search results are not censored.


Instead, the company posted a "We have moved" message on, with a link users can click to get to themselves. But as of early Wednesday, it was still unclear how Chinese officials would react to the changes, if at all. Now, Bloomberg reports Google's search functionality is partially blocked in China.


The key on Google's mainland China accessibility report indicates services that are partially blocked are 10 percent to 66 percent blocked. But according to Bloomberg:

The blockage affects the "suggest" tool, which helps users refine queries as they are typed, Mountain View, California- based Google said in an e-mailed statement. Traditional searches are unaffected, it said.


At least one analyst quoted in the story says the signs are not good for Google at this point. Momentum has shifted, according to BCG Partners analyst Colin Gillis, and China now has the upper hand.


If Google pulls completely out of China, the company loses access to "the largest concentration of Internet users" on the planet. But is that market worth capitulating on its stance against censorship - not to mention eventual fines in the U.S. for failing to protect human rights?


Once again, Google will have to decide.

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Jul 2, 2010 1:05 AM Mao Ze Wrong Mao Ze Wrong  says:

Is the gig up for Google? After its supposedly bold, irreversible decision to take the higher road and defy Beijing censorship by sending search queries to its Hong Kong site, Google is trying to slink back into China before its license expires. Now the secret is out, Google will use 



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