SCO-Novell: This Is STILL Going on?

Lora Bentley

I had no idea the SCO-Novell court battle was still in process until two different coworkers sent me stories about the ruling from last week. Wasn't all of it resolved months ago? Isn't that what forced SCO to seek bankruptcy protection?


The company did get a boost from investors earlier this year when a group led by Stephen Norris Capital Partners gave it a $100 million infusion to rescue it from Chapter 11, but I never thought the lawsuit and its progeny would be back. Apparently, that's exactly what some observers are saying.


Computerworld quotes Salt Lake Tribune reporter Pamela Manson:

In 2007, Kimball ruled Novell still owned pre-1995 copyrights to the Unix system ... A SCO company statement indicated the company will appeal Kimball's ruling from last year and said it continues to disagree with the premise of the May trial. At that proceeding, SCO contended the case should have gone to trial on its original claims that Novell was interfering with its ownership of Unix.

And's Sean Michael Kerner


[T]he ruling, which could be appealed by Novell, means that SCO could continue to survive as a going concern -- and that its delayed case against IBM is likely to go ahead as well.

I just wonder how much SCO could have done to reinvent itself with the money it's spent on legal fees in the last five-plus years.

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Jul 21, 2008 4:37 AM Dale Blizzard Dale Blizzard  says:
The $100 million infusion never happened. It wasn't a firm offer and it didn't go through. Reply
Jul 22, 2008 6:47 AM Jack Jack  says:
SCO would do well to continue with their litigation stategy. It is my understanding that SCO's lawyer (Kevin McBride) is their CEO's (Darl McBride) brother. The McBride's win whether or not SCO does. Reply

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