RIAA Asks Court to Shut Down LimeWire

Lora Bentley

Just as observers expected after the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted summary judgment to the Recording Industry Association of America and found LimeWire liable for copyright infringement, the RIAA is asking the court to permanently shut down the file-sharing site.


According to CNET News, Judge Kimba Wood is giving LimeWire two weeks to respond to the motion, which the RIAA filed Friday. After the hearing on the motion, LimeWire attorneys said:

We feel a permanent injunction is not the best course of action. It could hold back the creation of new digital-music technologies that LimeWire is in the process of developing, and [it] does not benefit the industry as a whole.

As for damages, the RIAA argues that every day the LimeWire operates, the four top record companies suffer irreparable damage. Its attorneys say damages could be in the billions. MercuryNews.com reports the damages trial is set for January.


UPDATE: ABC News reports that 13 record companies filed suit Monday in the same U.S. district court, seeking to freeze LimeWire's assets. They claim that founder Mark Gorton and his associates have "engaged in a series of fraudulent actions...to frustrate a legal judgment" in the case.

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Nov 5, 2010 10:46 AM David David  says:

The real reason RIAA wants this lawsuit is because;

1. Limewire is the best method for musicians to publish their music and get it out to the public.

2.You can discover musicians from all over the world.

3. A search will find them and their website will sell their music either through download or direct mail.

4. No agent, no obscene profits and the creators make the money.

5. Sharing/giving is not a crime.

6. If it was, the RIAA could sue General Motors because i used their car  that I bought (really copyrighted) to bring a CD to someone else.

6. This is the same as the extension to the copyright law. Since most music    copyrights are owned by very, very few companies they are really worried,

and its about time they were. They have been gouging us for years.

7. ASCAP and BMI are in the same garbage can. They have perverted the purpose that they were originally founded for.

8. Solution.....stop buying those recording companies CDs altogether until   

Limewire comes back on.

May 5, 2016 8:38 PM John John  says:
The RIAA is a corporation, they does the government tells them, not the other way around. If they cannot understand this put them in prison where they can stop harassing grandmas for sharing music on an internet connection they do not have. Reply

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