Reviewer Reveals Leopard Gripes

Lora Bentley

PC World's Harry McCracken began his critique of Apple's new OS upgrade, Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.5, with this:

First, a disclaimer: I like Leopard, aka OS X 10.5, the Apple operating-system upgrade that hit stores on Friday evening... [E]ven when I filter out everything that doesn't matter to me, I'm left with a long list of stuff that'll make my computing life meaningfully better. Compared to Windows Vista, Leopard is a meatier, more polished, more immediately useful, less annoying OS upgrade.

He limits the gripes to 21, and admits that none of them are reasons to completely avoid Leopard -- just things that could be better. First, he points out that the OS's continuous backup utility, Time Machine, is "picky" when it comes to hard disk formats, and didn't recognize a FAT32 USB drive.


McCracken also notes that QuickLook, which is intended to allow users a "quick look" of any document without actually opening it up, isn't all that quick when used with certain formats. Coming in at number 15 is the fact that the new Spaces feature, which allows users to move between alternate "desktops" containing different sets of windows, messes with the Command-Tab keyboard shortcut for switching between apps and often delays "drag-scroll" touchpad functionality.


Rounding up the bunch is this little tidbit on a feature Leopard currently lacks:

...that the OS let me maximize windows so they fill the entire screen, letting me use all the screen real estate for one app and eliminating the distraction of other windows on my desktop. (That's what maximizing does in Windows; in OS X, maximizing simply enlarges the window to the size that the OS believes is adequate to hold the content in the window in question.) I'm far from the only person who wants this, and there are various third-party techniques for making it happen.

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