Ramping up Your Accounting Recruitment Efforts

Lora Bentley

Since Sarbanes-Oxley was enacted in 2002, opportunities in corporate accounting are abundant. The job pool, in fact, is growing faster than the recruiting pool, according to accountingWEB. Competition is stiff, so placing a terse help wanted ad like the one you would post for janitorial services just won't cut it any more.

Given that, The Bay Street Group's Bruce Marcus offers these pointers for beefing up your recruiting efforts:

  • Learn your market. Understand what the potential recruit wants. (Address work overload concerns, as well as the perceived lack of exciting work, for example.) Couch your description in terms of what the position will afford your recruit rather than in terms of what your organization needs from the recruit. 
  • Know your company. Look at your business through a recruit's eyes. How do you do what you do? How will the recruit benefit from being part of your company as opposed to another one?
  • Learn your marketing tools. The help wanted ad is marginal any more, says Marcus. Market with your Web site, your practice blogs, your seminars, etc.
  • Manage those tools. Again, recruit in terms of the prospective employee, not in terms of your needs. Use current employees in your marketing campaign, and learn how to interview effectively. It's a "controlled conversation" as opposed to "an inquisition," Marcus points out.

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