Ramji Says Microsoft's Heart Is in Open Source

Lora Bentley

Microsoft's open source man, Sam Ramji, told Sun Microsystems' Barton George in a podcast during the O'Reilly Open Source Conference last week that the heart of Microsoft is in the middle of its open source lab and activities. Ramji talks about Microsoft's relationship with the Samba project, the work the company is doing to improve interoperability with Linux and Solaris, and the licenses that Microsoft submitted for certification by the Open Source Initiative, among other things.


The Register's Gavin Clarke apparently has a hard time believing that there is a heart at Microsoft, let alone that it resides within the open source activities the software juggernaut has undertaken in recent months. The subtitle to his piece is "If you ignore Windows." But for Ramji, Windows, Linux and other open source projects are not mutually exclusive. He told The Register he is helping Microsoft employees understand that the company really can work with open source.


According to Clarke,

The argument goes a little like this: open source applications can be made to run well on "infrastructure software" like Windows and SQL Server and there can be interop with Linux, and Microsoft can still make money.

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