Privacy and the Social Network

Lora Bentley

There's no doubt we've covered social networking heavily here at IT Business Edge, but what tech publication hasn't? From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and who knows how many more, they are all over the news. Turns out we've written a lot specifically on privacy in social networking as well.


For example, there was the brouhaha that erupted when a change in Facebook policy caused users to think they were giving up rights to their own content. Or the study revealing thediffering opinions held by employers and employees regarding social networking and privacy. And don't forget the EU's intent to crack down on privacy requirements for such sites, or the fuss caused when the City of Bozeman, Mont., asked job applicants for social networking passwords.


Of course, there are also posts from as recently as Friday, in which I discussed,Bruce Schneier's observations on privacy and the Internet, and the fact that Facebook's privacy policies aren't clear enough to satisfy the Canadian Privacy Commission.


These represent a smattering of our social networking and privacy coverage over the last several months, and something tells me there will be plenty more to come.

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