OSDL Seeks Clarification on License Compatibility

Lora Bentley

Pundits said it would happen. Experts probably knew it was coming, too, and just weren't saying as much. The free/open source world is clearly dividing into the "free" camp and the "open source" camp.


As we see it, the "free" camp, led by Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman, seems to think, essentially, that any restriction on the use of software is evil and a damper on innovation, not to mention a restriction of freedom as a fundamental concept.


The "open source" side's most prominent figure is Linux creator and Open Source Development Lab employee Linus Torvalds, who says the Linux kernel will not move to v3 but will remain under v2.


This, of course, means that the two versions of the GPL and the software released under each will have to coexist for the forseeable future. Though it will be complicated, most involved in the debate between the two versions say dual licenses are okay.


What companies don't know yet and need to know as soon as possible, says OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen, according to a Builder UK story, is exactly how the two versions will interact with each other. Cohen and a group of "corporate powers" are meeting with FSF general counsel Eben Moglen to address the issue.


Moglen, it seems, isn't bending to the pressure. He says only that compatibility will be resolved when the final version of GPL v3 is released.

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