Oracle Can't Seek $6 Billion in Damages from Google

Lora Bentley

The judge hearing the Google-Oracle patent dispute rejected Oracle's $6.1 billion damage estimate Friday, according to U.S. District Judge William Alsup said the company's expert "overreached" in using a broad estimate of the Android platform's worth to determine Google's potential liability. Instead, the expert should have focused specifically on the parts of the Android platform that relate to the patents at issue in the case.


For its part, Google argues the most for which it could be liable is $100 million. But the judge rejected that number out of hand as well. He suggested that the companies use the $100 million mark as a starting point, and then adding and subtracting as necessary. Alsup indicated he believes potential damages are "in the millions, maybe in the billions."


So far, the story says, Oracle has made 50 claims on seven different patents on Java programming tools that it acquired with its purchase of Sun Microsystems, but the judge ordered the company to be more specific when it revises its damage estimates.

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