OpenMac Offer Doesn't Last Long

Lora Bentley

Hours after a Florida-based tech store was outed for selling a non-Apple PC running OS X, reports the company's Web site has been taken down.


Sites like and the INQUIRER began reporting availability of Psystar's OpenMac -- a $399 PC with Leopard preinstalled -- early Monday. Even then, the INQUIRER's Stewart Meagher warned:

[I]nstalling OSX on anything other than an Apple badged box contravenes the software's end user license and, as Psystar is offering to sell you an OpenMac with the system pre-installed, we reckon it's just asking for a kicking from Steve's men in grey suits.

And apparently the "kicking" occurred rather quickly. Within hours, readers pointed out that the Psystar site was offline. One reader called Jo points out:

"Site is currently offline due to the massive influx of users in the last 24 hours. Stay tuned." Either Apple's lawyers are fast or [Psystar has] lame servers...

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Apr 14, 2008 4:03 AM Jordan Wilberding Jordan Wilberding  says:
It is back up again. Instead if being called an "Open Mac" it is now labeled "Open Computer". You can still can buy OSX with it though. Reply
Apr 16, 2008 10:33 AM Rolf Ernst Rolf Ernst  says:
Yet its store is down due to the 'inability to process credit cards'. Hmm. Plus the Guardian reports it just moved from a residential address.Something is fishy here. Certainly interesting to stay tuned. Reply

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