Open Source Database Market Growing

Lora Bentley

A new report from Forrester Research indicates that enterprise adoption of open source databases MySQL and PostgreSQL is increasing, but it's not because companies are "ripping out" their Oracle or SQL server deployments and replacing them with MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Instead, companies are increasingly using open source databases for Web-based applications, new projects and "test environments," eWEEK reports. Using the open source alternatives saves them from buying additional licenses from their proprietary vendors for projects that may not be around for the long haul. Many companies are reluctant to rely on open source for mission-critical applications at this point, the research shows, but even for those that aren't, going through with a "rip and replace" isn't the easiest process technologically.


That's why open source database companies like Sun Microsystems, which paid $1 billion last year for MySQL, isn't worried about MySQL replacing Oracle or other proprietary database systems. Sun is concentrating on making MySQL the most popular database for online applications, according to products VP Zack Urlocker, who is quoted in the eWEEK piece.


Forrester estimates the open source database market will grow to $1.2 billion by 2010.

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