Open Source Database Enterprise Adoption: Mile Wide, Inch Deep

Lora Bentley

Despite significant investments in the open source database market by both Sun Microsystems and IBM, researchers at The 451 Group say enterprise adoption of open source databases, though widespread, is not very deep, according to Australian IT. Open source databases are widely adopted for use by Web applications, Matthew Aslett says, and adoption at the enterprise app level "is limited to certain application workloads."


Australian IT reports:

The revenue growth enjoyed by open source database vendors in recent years suggests they pose a long-term threat to the established vendors, but in the short term the proprietary database vendors are under little threat from open source databases.

Nonetheless, EnterpriseDB CEO Andy Astor says IBM's investment in his company turns the race for open source database market share into "a two horse race," the story says, validates what the company is doing , and at the same time exposes it to a broader market.


However, as Australian IT writer John Sterlicchi points out, open source database vendor Ingres doesn't think that money from a proprietary vendor is necessary. In fact, he says, Ingres may be floating an IPO soon.

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