Only One Way Back for Palm

Lora Bentley

PC Magazine's Sascha Segan isn't optimistic about Palm's future, that much is clear. The columnist says the PDA vendor's decision to ditch the Foleo may be the beginning of its death march. Palm just can't follow through on ideas, he says. The reason for the change, according to Palm, is the need to focus resources on a new operating system. But as Segan points out, they've been promising that for years -- with no results. He notes:

The company is trapped in 2004: churning out incremental improvements to their 2004-era Treo 650 and regurgitating the same tired promises about a new operating system that we've been hearing since January of '04...


... We've been hearing about their new OS for so many years that there is absolutely no way anyone will believe their promises at this point.

He doesn't leave Palm without hope, however. The company can resurrect itself by setting deadlines, announcing them, and sticking to them consistently, both with the new OS and with subsequent new products. "It's a long road back," Segan says, but it is possible. He cites Apple's return from the brink as an example.

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