Nokia Lodges New Infringement Complaint Against Apple

Lora Bentley

Bloomberg reports Nokia filed yet another patent infringement complaint with the International Trade Commission Monday. That brings the current total patents in the fight with Apple to 46, Paul Melin, Nokia's VP of intellectual property, said in a statement.


But wait a minute. Last week after an ITC judge issued a preliminary decision that Apple did not infringe the five patents at issue in that complaint, Nokia representatives said they would take a "wait-and-see" approach. They wanted to get the full commission's final decision and rationale (due in August) before deciding on "next steps," they said.


So by "wait and see," they meant "file another complaint covering seven more patents"? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but then, they didn't ask my opinion. Maybe "wait and see" applies only to the five patents upon which the ITC judge issued the preliminary decision.


In either instance, you'd think the whole thing would be easier to manage if the complaints were consolidated. No more multiple deadlines, no confusion over which complaints address which patents, or even which patents are at issue in the first place.


Melin said some of the patents at issue were filed a decade before the first iPhone came to be. Why wait until 2009 or later to file suit? Bloomberg writer Diana Ben-Aaron suggests the alleged infringement didn't really hurt Nokia until then. She writes:

Apple reaped more than $38 billion in sales for the iPhone, iPod and iPad during its financial year ended in September. That compares with about 28.8 billion euros ($40.5 billion) for Nokia's devices and services businesses in the same period.

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