Net Neutrality: Stakeholders Still Divided on FCC Rules

Lora Bentley

If you were wondering, net neutrality has not fallen off my radar. In fact, the deadline for filing public comments to the Federal Communications Commission's proposed rules came at midnight Thursday.


And according to InformationWeek, responses are all over the board. If the FCC was looking for any hint of guidance simply from the number of responses in favor or the number of comments opposed, it's not going to get much help.


Writer W. David Gardner says:

At polar opposites, for instance, were filings from the CTIA,The Wireless Association, which generally criticized the proposed FCC rules because wireless networks are flourishing without the rules; on the other end of the issue was Free Press, which cited thousands of filings supporting the FCC to safeguard the Internet for the future.

The Open Internet Coalition was among those that filed comments in favor of "common sense rules to ensure that the Internet remains the key engine of economic growth, innovation and deliberation" in the United States.


With its comments supporting the FCC's rules, the Institute for Policy Integrity submitted a study outlining the economic benefits of net neutrality. Wesleyan University's Christiaan Hogendorn, an associate professor of economics also submitted research, "Spillovers and Network Neutrality."


On the other hand, InformationWeek reports Competitive Enterprise Institute's Wayne Crews, who opposes the rules, said:

The FCC is wrong to assume that today's politicians and regulators know what's best for companies not yet created, networks not yet deployed, and business plans not yet formulated.

This may be one of those issues on which there isn't really a happy medium.

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