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Lora Bentley

The Motorola Android phone was all over the tech press Monday. (We were no exception.) The struggling handset maker's social smart phone won't make an appearance until later next year, but the company is spending a significant amount of money on its Android efforts. $50 million, in fact.'s Desire Athow noted that this may be Motorola's last chance to recapture market share. Anything but success with the Android phone could mean failure of the company as a whole.


On a related note, T-Mobile's G1 Android phone is due to hit store shelves tomorrow, but pictures of what has been called the G2 are already floating around the Internet.'s Daniel Ionescu finds it ridiculous. Not the pictures or the proposed features, but the idea that a second-generation T-Mobile Android phone is that far into development. He says:

It does seem a little bit exaggerated to put forward a sequel of a phone that hasn't even been released yet to consumers ... With a bit of light tracing, I found that the original source of these mock-ups was a junior member on an Android forum who "did it on Photoshop to show what I'd like to see as the G2."

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Feb 4, 2009 7:27 AM Anton Anton  says:

Oh, yesterday i find photo Motorola Android ZN300


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