Microsoft's Office Open XML Fails to Gain ISO Approval

Lora Bentley

Friday, on The Standards Blog, Andrew Updegrove explained how the ISO vote on Microsoft's Office Open XML document format would go, the difference between observing and participating members, and how the countries upgrading their status from observer to participating would likely affect the outcome. Today, he announced that his prediction was correct: Microsoft's standard did not gain approval.


Updegrove also points out that the folks in Redmond are doing what they can to spin the news positively, as evidenced by the release posted at He notes:

The release focuses on the degree of participation (51 National Bodies), and level of "support" (74% of all qualified votes, without differentiating between P and O countries). It also refers to this level of support at "this preliminary stage of the process," and compares it "favorably" to the number of countries participating in the votes to consider ODF and PDF, but without mentioning percentage levels of support: the OpenDocument Format received a total of 31 votes - all to approve. Moreover, there were so few comments offered along with those votes that no Ballot Resolution Meeting was required.

At least one commenter on Pamela Jones' coverage of the vote at Groklaw is suprised to see the "no" vote, but others say it just gives Microsoft more time to lobby for support. Keep watching. This one isn't over yet.

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Sep 11, 2007 6:45 AM Nick Carr Nick Carr  says:
This is typical of the whole debate. Andy Updegrove talks about Microsoft "spinning" while forgetting to identify himself as a senior executive with the people who orchestrated the opposition to Open XML. Surely it was just an oversight... the main thing is that he is interested in the community's interests, not IBM's. Reply

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