Microsoft Wants $15 per Samsung Android Phone Sold

Lora Bentley

While Samsung and Apple are battling it out in court and before the International Trade Commission over smartphone patents, Microsoft wants Samsung to fork over $15 per Android smartphone sold. I've mentioned before that Android may be a bigger cash cow than Windows Phone for the software juggernaut. The Seattle Times reports the company claims Android infringes Microsoft patents.


Rather than suing all the Android smartphone makers, Microsoft appears to be using its settlement with HTC to convince others that the license fee is a small price to pay. Several companies have signed licensing deals in the last few weeks, and Samsung "is in the crosshairs." According to MobileCrunch:

Samsung will likely enter into a stronger alliance with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 platform in order to lower that licensing fee to about $10 per phone, according to unnamed industry officials.

Writer Jordan Creek suggests LG may be the next target in Microsoft's "money-grabbing" spree.

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Jul 6, 2011 5:27 AM bill gates bill gates  says:

it isnt a momney grabbing spree. its compensation for the theft of your technologies that you have spent billions of dollars to develop. google thought they could steal and give it away but the sellers of this stolen tech must pay. i wonder why google wont step to the plate and pay for the customers who they gave this false bill of goods?

Jul 22, 2011 10:08 AM Savio Savio  says:

Well, this is where we get to when our ability to innovate is dead. Just start suing everyone on the planet for some shit or the other. Well we might soon be paying everytime we flush our toilets because some arsehole thinks that he owns the right to the toilet flush handle. This is American economics at it's worst. Brainless!

Jul 22, 2011 10:12 AM Savio Savio  says: in response to bill gates

Face it Bill, You can't stand up to Google. your days are over. Just admit it that they are better - far better than you. They have the pulse of the new generation. Just stop being a cry baby and begging for money from every Tom, Dick and Harry who you think should pay you for some nonsensical thing. Grow up< have teh guts and the ability to innovate, put better tech onto the market...


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