Microsoft and Open Source: How Far Will It Go?

Lora Bentley

InfoWorld blogger Savio Rodrigues made an interesting observation Tuesday: Bob Muglia, who leads Microsoft's server and tools business, has been promoted to president.


What I didn't realize is that there are very few who hold that title in the company. Moreover, most of the open source work going on at Microsoft these days comes out of Muglia's group. After all, as Rodrigues also points out, Bill Hilf, Sam Ramji and Robert Duffner report to him.


Putting Ramji's comment at EclipseCon last year --"Microsoft is three years into a 10-year journey in reorienting Microsoft's internal and external views on [open source]."-- together with speculation in that Microsoft may be grooming one of the divisional presidents to take CEO Steve Ballmer's place when he retires, Rodrigues contemplates the idea of someone with an open source background at the helm of the software juggernaut.


He says simply:

Wouldn't it be interesting if Muglia were to take over for Ballmer in 2018? An exec with open source experience in Microsoft's CEO position: How's that for a New Year's prediction?

Even two years ago, I would have dismissed the thought, but now, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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