Media Access Project Speaks out Against Net Neutrality Disapproval

Lora Bentley
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Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives paved the way to vote on a resolution of disapproval declaring the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules "shall have no force and effect." Of the measure, Congressman Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) said:

Congress did not authorize the FCC to regulate in this area ... We must reject any rules that it promulgates in this area ...

At the same time, the White House indicated the resolution will not make it past the president's desk. According to the policy statement:

... [T]he Federal Communications Commission's rule reflected a constructive effort to build a consensus around what safeguards and protections were reasonable and necessary to ensure that the Internet continues to attract investment and to spur innovation ...

As such, the White House said, any resolution that does not protect the free and open Internet will be vetoed.


Media Access Project, which has long been a vocal proponent of net neutrality regulations, was quick to respond to the action in the House. The advocacy group's senior vice president and policy director, Andrew Jay Schwartzman, accused Republican leadership of wasting valuable time and effort on a pointless resolution when the country faces "important financial and international problems."


Schwartzman also bemoans legislators' disregard for Internet users in that it would "strip away even minimal protections" the FCC has put in place.

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