Linux to the White House in 2008?

Lora Bentley

Is operating system preference a presidential predictor? Blogger Douglas Karr pondered the question over the weekend. He didn't come up with a definitive answer, but he does predict that Linux will win the 2008 presidential election.


Here's the story:


When Karr discovered that candidate Ron Paul's Web site had moved from Windows Server and Microsoft IIS to Linux and Apache, it piqued his interest concerning other candidates' Web sites. So he did a little research.


The majority of the candidates (declared and undeclared, Karr notes) have Web sites that run on alternative operating systems. Forty-eight percent use Linux, and another 9 percent use FreeBSD. The remaining 43 percent use Windows Server.


When you break them down by party, 90 percent of the Democratic candidates use alternative operating systems and 10 percent use Windows. On the other hand, the majority of Republican candidates (69 percent) use Windows -- as opposed to the 31 percent who use Linux and FreeBSD.


Given that the candidates themselves probably have next to nothing to do with running their Web sites, the choice of operating system probably means little in terms of their candidacy, but it's certainly interesting to think about.

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Jun 28, 2007 4:45 AM James Maynard James Maynard  says:
Yeah - I think it is really just the web designers who are making that decision without the knowledge or any of the candidates involved. The D/R slpit is interesting, tho...I'm a professional web designer myself and I can tell you I put ALL of my clients sites where I do the hosting on Linux servers. Why? Because it's better! :O) JM Reply
Jun 28, 2007 9:09 AM Douglas Karr Douglas Karr  says:
Thanks for the mention! I'm no statistician, but it does seem to go beyond a coincidence. I had read somewhere that a very large majority of Google employees were Democrat as well. It does make me wonder! Reply

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