Linux Foundation Planning LinuxCon for 2009

Lora Bentley

After several "invitation only" events in its short history, the Linux Foundation will host its first conference for the Linux Community as a whole next year. Linux Developer Network community manager Brian Proffitt says:

"When we say 'community,' we're talking everyone: end users, developers, vendors: if you have a personal or professional investment in Linux, you're welcome."

The conference will happen roughly a year from now in Portland, Ore., he says, where "there's a big amount of technical talent locally, and the city's easy to get to and visit." An Oregonian story posted at


Organizers expect hundreds -- perhaps 1,000 or more -- to turn out for the first LinuxCon in September 2009. Styled after an academic conference, the convention will focus on linking up computer users and programmers to study and promote the Linux computer operating system.

Speaking to Computerworld, Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin said of the conference:

People who've attended our other events have asked for [a conference like LinuxCon], including people who are members of the foundation who'd like to open it to a broader audience... It's been a long time coming, but I think we can all acknowledge that the days of Comdex and huge trade-show floors are waning.

I can't wait to see how this one comes off. Maybe next year I'll be writing about LinuxCon from LinuxCon.

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