'If Java Goes Open Source...!'

Lora Bentley

In the many attempts Sun Microsystems has made over the years to open source Java, we can imagine tempers flared at times as various decision-makers took sides, pro and con. Even CEO Jonathan Schwartz admitted that choosing a license was no "easy feat."


Given the emotional response that open source tends to evoke -- again, pro and con -- we can also imagine that countless promises (or threats, depending on one's perspective) may have been made as that debate evolved. Very few would have been intended to be taken seriously, of course, precisely because they were made in the heat of battle.


However, SDA Asia reports that a Sun VP has left his position as a result of the decision to take Java open source. Graham Hamilton, who had been with Sun since 2001, contributed to many Java projects and was strongly opposed to open sourcing the platform. The story says he was concerned about compatibility issues.

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