IBM to Sun: Don't Start Another Open Source Java Project

Lora Bentley

Yesterday when Sun Microsystems finally released the code for Java Standard Edition, Java Micro Edition and Java Enterprise Edition under the GNU General Public License v2, the company also received a statement from IBM encouraging contribution to one of the Apache Foundation's existing open source Java projects.


IBM, according to a story, is concerned that releasing Java under GPL v2 rather than the Apache License, under which the other projects are distributed, will result in a "fragmented" Java community.


Sun says it did consider compatibility when making the licensing decision. The company chose the GPL so that Java would be compatible with Linux, which is also released under GPL v2.


Forgive our naivety, but we find it odd that IBM, which has requested for years that Sun open source Java, would now complain about how that's accomplished.

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May 3, 2008 3:29 AM kabayan kabayan  says:
What's IBM to complain about? Now that Java is open source IBM can do as they please for their own interests.Of course it will be another 'fork' but IMHO IBM should take this as an opportunity to promote an IBM-Java community that could put new life to the Blue brand.Lead the way IBM, don't be a loser! Reply

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