IBM, Avada Broaden WebSphere CE Reach

Lora Bentley

IBM began the week by announcing a new agreement with Avada Software. The Java messaging software vendor will bundle IBM's WebSphere application server Community edition with its Infrared360 software, according to company information.


Network Computing writer Andy Dornan says the deal is significant because it marks the beginning of IBM using OEM agreements in its sales strategy and because it's an indication of the popularity of the open source version of WebSphere.


At first I couldn't figure out why having Avada give away software that IBM already gives away was such a big deal, but the agreement puts IBM products into a new user group -- some of which the company may be able to turn into paying customers. And as Dornan indicates, IBM isn't concerned about losing sales:

The risk to IBM is that WAS-CE will cannibalize sales of its non-free products, but IBM doesn't see it that way, believing that it can add value above and beyond what it gives away for free. It also points out that much of its software can work with both versions of WebSphere.

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Feb 6, 2008 8:57 AM Jeff Peters Jeff Peters  says:
Rarely do I get to have as much fun as this morning. I decided to download and install the new IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0.0.1 to one of our blade servers. The install was flawless and the instructions were exceptional. Before starting the server and deploying the XAware 5.0 WAR, I updated the startup.bat file with my JRE_HOME=%JRE_5_HOME% and added the XAWARE_HOME environment variable to the file, geronimo.bat. (set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% "-Dxaware.home=%XAWARE_HOME%"). I started the server, started the administrative console, and deployed the XAware 5.0 WAR on the IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. Using a standalone XAware Designer and the Package Assembly Tool, I deployed a XAR package to the CE Server and tested the service. Excellent! The application server was up and running the XAware 5.0 asset in less than two hours. The application server is very light-weight, but feature rich. There were no issues with deploying the XAware 5.0 application. This was easy to verify using the test tab from the Package Assembly Tool. I really like the functionality allowing administration of the server using the Eclipse framework.I would say nice! Good work IBM! We love those Open Source Projects.Jeff > Reply

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