No Longer Filtered?

Lora Bentley

Though Google is denying anything about its processes have changed, reported Tuesday that searches on subjects that had been blocked as objectionable are yielding results. For example, searches on "Tiananmen Square massacre," "Xinijang independence," and "Tibet Information Network" all returned results. They would not have returned results before.


Writer Adrienne Mong says:

The searches proved erratic and on some occasions access to controversial Web sites was denied. But there was a significant change compared to six months ago.

Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of, which tracks Chinese media, agreed. "It does seem that the filters are not fully working," he said.


Though Google has said it has been in talks with Chinese officials since Jan. 12 when it decided it did not want to censor search results any longer, a spokesperson told MSNBC that nothing about Google's operations in has changed and he had no additional information regarding whether would close.


Interestingly, Wong says, another source suggests the change may have resulted from tweaks to the system made by the Chinese government. I don't think I buy that one, though. Especially given the hard line Chinese officials have maintained to this point.

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