Google Still Waiting on License Decision in China

Lora Bentley
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Will Google Take a Stand in China?


Nearly a week ago, Google was waiting to see if the powers-that-be in China were satisfied enough with its efforts to retain an Internet content provider's license that they would actually renew that license.


As of Monday morning, there was no new news from Beijing, according to Computerworld. Writer Michael Kan says:

The necessary for Google to continue operating its China-based Web site, But tensions between the company and Chinese officials have put the license's renewal in doubt.


The trouble started as early as January when Google decided that it would no longer censor its own search results to satisfy the communist government's requirements.Then in March, it shuttered completely, directing searchers on mainland China to, where the government does not require searches to be censored.


Chinese officials were not happy in the least, and various Google services in the country have been blocked or partially blocked on and off since then, according to Google's records.


Last week, though, Google stopped automatically redirecting traffic from China to the Hong Kong search engines, instead giving users the option to click through to themselves. In doing so, Google hoped to increase the chances that its Internet content provider's license will be renewed. Whether it will be enough remains to be seen.

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