Google Denies Patent Infringement Claims, Calls Oracle a Hypocrite

Lora Bentley

In August, Oracle sued Google for patent infringement involving the use of Oracle's "Java-related technology" in the Android development kit. Google called the suit baseless then. Now the search giant has filed a reply to Oracle's charges in which it not only denies every allegation and asks for the suit to be dismissed, but also calls Oracle a hypocrite where Java is concerned.


According to ZDNet, Google points out in its filing that Oracle took one position on the open sourcing of Java when Sun Microsystems owned it, but now that Oracle controls Java, it is taking quite another. Specifically, Oracle took Sun to task for failing to fully open source the Java platform. In its capacity as an executive member of the Java Community Process, which is responsible for managing Java standards, Oracle recommended that JCP create a new intellectual property rights policy that would allow the broadest number of Java implementations.


Now that Oracle owns Java? Well, ZDNet senior editor Sam Diaz quotes Google's filing this way:

In April 2009, Oracle Corp. announced that it would be acquiring Sun. Since that time, and directly contrary to Oracle Corp.'s public actions and statements, as well as its own proposals as an executive member of the JCP, Oracle Corp. and Sun (now Oracle America) have ignored the open source community's requests to fully open-source the Java platform.

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Oct 14, 2010 2:03 AM ld ld  says:

Well, I'd have to say that's typical. One should usually expect a company to look out for it's own financial interests; consistency and ideology will be the early casualties in any skirmish.

It's amusing, but why anyone would be surprised by such behavior is beyond me.


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