G1 Won't Figure Yet in Smartphone Wars

Lora Bentley

Silicon Alley Insider says the smart phone wars of Christmas shopping season 2008 are on. The only real players, according to writer Dan Frommer, are Apple, with its iPhone 3G, and Research in Motion, with its BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Bold. Because the iPhone's price has been halved, it's offered in many more countries this year and the AppStore has taken off, Frommer says Apple wins this war hands down.


RIM will make a decent showing, though, because the BlackBerry brand is strong and, he says, Verizon will promote "agressively."


Frommer also gives a shout out to the Google/HTC/T-Mobile newcomer, the G1:

Google's first phone is a powerful gadget but lacks some of the elegance and simplicity that makes the iPhone so special ... [W]hile we have high hopes for Google's Android platform in the future, we think this phone will mostly be for programmers and hard-core Google fans.

He's not impressed with T-Mobile's 3G network yet, and he notes that the G1 is too new for its app store to offer much.


Also worthy of mention are Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic and the Instinct from Samsung/Sprint.

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