For Mac, Increased Popularity Means Increased Security Risk

Lora Bentley

Last week during a continuing education session on running a law practice, our speaker said he hasn't used antivirus software on the Mac systems in his office for quite some time -- inferring, of course, that Macs are more secure than machines that run Windows.


I'm not here to argue which operating system is more secure. I've never used a Mac, so despite what I've heard, I don't know. From what we've seen in the tech press recently though, I do know that as the popularity of the Mac grows, it becomes an increasingly larger target for malware.


One hacker used his blog to keep readers updated on his efforts to create a worm that would infect the Mac OS X, and he claimed success until July, when the blog was abandoned. And even more recently, whispers of "half-baked security" accompanied the release of Mac OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard.


If security concerns are growing, is it wise to go without antivirus software on your Mac? Probably not.

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Dec 4, 2007 3:05 AM John John  says:
Hi,I use Windows XP, SP2. It's been 15 months since my last install. I have no anti-virus programs installed at all, other than what XP itself has. Also, my last Windows Update was about 12 months ago, which I have stopped to prevent WGA from getting into my system. Despite surfing the web and receiving a lot of email for hours a day, I have had no virus problems. My system is fast and responsive. I do sometimes clean out the RUN items in the registry and other places to keep the system from getting bogged down, as well as deleting files and defragmenting the HD. Also, when I did have anti-virus programs, they crashed my system and slowed it down. So far I've been far better off without them. My safety consists of using Acronis disk imaging. I have a pristine installed imaged onto 2 separate HD's. If I ever have a crash, I can restore the exact image, which also saves the hassle of re-installing the OS and numerous applications.The point of all this is that I think the risk of viruses is over blown. Maybe it's hype to sell the anti-virus programs. Either that or I'm very lucky. Do you have any comments or observations about this?John Reply
Dec 11, 2007 10:56 AM Craig Craig  says:
For the most part I feel your right on the anitvirus I ran my XP PRO for a long time without anitvirus and go away scott free but I did maintain my system as you said.As far as Macs go they over rated when it comes to those who say Macs do not get viruses and Macs run better than PCS. I worked for a company for eight years in there IT department we had 10 servers and 400 client systems and 12 that were Macs and Macs OS X and 9 were allways the worst in reguard to file corruption and viruses and these system would just get so bogged down they would crawl. Well that all I will say about the Macs. Reply

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