Firefox, IE Battle It out for Browser Market

Lora Bentley

Numbers gathered by indicate that Firefox is gaining on IE among the Web site's readers.


According to a poll on Internet Explorer, 600 of 1,000 participants prefer to use open source browsers like Firefox, and they have no plans to upgrade to IE 8 when it arrives. An additional 70 users said they would avoid IE 8 because it might interfere with their ability to revert to previous versions of the browser.


And statistics keeps on the traffic to the site seem to bear this out, writer Madeline Bennett says.

Separate data on the browser choice of visitors to the site supports the poll findings. Fifty-seven per cent of visitors to the site during September were using Microsoft IE, while 31 per cent used Firefox.

Interestingly, my coworker and I found it quite humorous that, the first time I clicked the link to the vnunet piece, IE 7 launched to open the page, but after revealing the page header and article title ("Firefox catching up with IE"), I got an error message that looked like this:




What is that? A built-in defense mechanism?


Of course not. It opened easily the second time I clicked, but it was still funny.

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