Fielding Bids Farewell to OpenSolaris

Lora Bentley

Seems Sun Microsystems can't stay out of trouble with open source developers. In December, four original members of its OpenDS project resigned their positions within the project. They accused Sun of using "strong arm" tactics to maintain control of the project. This week, the Sun-backed OpenSolaris project lost a key contributor.


Roy Fielding, who co-founded the Apache HTTP Server project, had much the same complaint -- that Sun promised an open development project and then retained too much control over its direction. InfoWorld quotes his resignation letter as follows:

Sun agreed that OpenSolaris would be governed by the community and yet has refused, in every step along the way, to cede any real control over the software produced or the way it is produced, and continues to make private decisions every day that are later promoted as decisions for this thing we call OpenSolaris.

In a prepared statement, Sun spokesperson Terri Molini acknowledged Fielding's contributions as a consultant and member of the project governing board and wished him well. She also noted that it is impossible to please everyone in a project as big as Open Solaris:

Open source technologies have many stakeholders and Sun is working with as many communities as possible to create an open source distribution of OpenSolaris. We recognize that we will not be able to please everyone as we move through this process and in some cases, we'll have to agree to disagree on some points.

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